About Us

The Crosswalk Difference

  • Mandatory contracts are never forced upon you
  • Evening and weekend service appointments are conveniently available
  • We “quality-control” our quality controls (seriously, ask our teams)
  • Our staff regularly participates in training events to better serve you
  • We keep common loaner equipment in our inventory, just in case you have an emergency
  • You are given full and transparent disclosure of everything we do for you
  • We behave respectfully as if we are your employees while at your office
  • Your human experience with us is just as important as our technical skills and abilities


Crosswalk Technologies is mission-driven, designed and led to truly affect for the better, individual lives as well as organizational enterprises.

We are blessed with the special relationships that have come from the bridges erected from our existence; and isn’t relationships, not money or power, the ultimate quality-of-life measuring stick?  After all is said and done, we are not just a place that does business technology and consulting services.  We are a human being focused quality-of-life improver.  We do this by following a moral compass not set by our own subjective standards (because human nature is often selfish and self-serving) but by a drive and path greater that ourselves.  Here is our path:


  • Don’t be so arrogant to believe that technology can’t break on its own (sometimes just after it’s fixed) , many times it needs no help from anyone
  • All “academically good plans” fall to pieces when you have no “pragmatic backup plan” of action (see above)
  • Have a pragmatic backup plan for your pragmatic backup plan (seriously)
  • When people have emergencies, they will panic: expect them to have selective memory and blame others for their lack of planning
  • When people have emergencies, they will panic: show grace and mercy, something you would want others to show towards you
  • Management is a position given to you by organizations, leadership is given to you by the free will of those who choose to follow you regardless of your position…. You aren’t a leader if no one wants to follow you – look behind, is anyone there?
  • You can’t truly say you believe in teamwork if you don’t personally care about your teammate and their support their individual accomplishments
  • Not all money is good money, and not all people are good people – sometimes you have to fire a customer, vendor, or employee
  • Get emotionally involved with your work and joyfully celebrate its successful and accurate completion
  • Move with a sense of purpose: be focused and GET IT DONE
  • Not everyone is competent, but competency can come from all walks of life, from any background, regardless of education
  • Political correctness and victim mentality is an insult to personal responsibility, self-reliance, and the human spirit
  • You are not special (you don’t have six eyes and ten arms), but your behavior and attitude can be
  • GET OFF YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA and make the time to enjoy someone face to face
  • Do what’s good and right, even when others play dirty (and they will)
  • Defend the defenseless, even at your own suffering – have honor, courage, and character
  • Be a Sheepdog

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