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It is unrealistic in terms of research and money to properly vet all the products and services in the technology industry, not to mention our team trying to be an expert with everyone’s “stuff”.  Because of this, we have narrowed the field to a special group of partners we feel can give you the best return-of-investment when selecting Crosswalk as your business vendor.

 We have been fortunate to have worked with a cadre of renowned industry partners over our 25 plus years in the technology community. This has given us the opportunity to “use and abuse” their wares in many diverse situations. Our career experience gives us the unique ability to confidently endorse and deploy their technologies and services in your demanding environments.


Our syndicate partners are considered subject-matter-experts in their respected fields and they provide critical business services outside of our expertise. We have personally worked with them as strategic business solution allies, and our combination of services have given our customers incredible value and synergy. Crosswalk has been a client to some of our syndicate partners and if we trust them with our business needs, we have no problem in recommending them to you.


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Get in touch with us. We would love to get to know about your product or service offerings.

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