Although we are not attorneys, we understand the importance of these regulations and how they impact your business.

As a critical business advisor, we are committed to educating ourselves for the purposes of delivering up-to-date information to assist you in complying with these complex and overwhelming laws.

Our Policy on Regulatory Compliance:

Crosswalk Technologies, a technology business vendor, at times may be exposed to protected health and regulated legal and financial information during the course of our relationship with our customers.  Possible exposure would come from servicing electronic and computer systems hosting such information. It is our policy to utilize focused work-flow processes to minimize exposure to such information as part of our business practice and will freely provide documented reasonable assurances to safeguard this information for our customers.

All of our team members take annual HIPAA and PCI compliance training as well as pass third-party proctored exams to protect our customers.  We also provide regular in-house operational security (OPSEC) training with all of our employees – your business processes, work-flow, and SOPs stay confidential.

We believe that our customer privacy standards are what you would expect from a vendor of our caliber.  Although our team’s information protection training is not mandatory by law and many times uncommon with our competitors, your organizational confidentiality is mandatory to us.

Lastly, due to Federal ITAR regulations, only U.S. citizens will be allowed to participate in any of our workplace violence mitigation, personal protection, and active shooter training courses.



 “Jay is one of those rare individuals who managed to build a successful business without losing his moral compass along the way.” 

George Hupp

Owner and Senior Trainer, Heloderm, LLC

Retired U.S. Federal Law Enforcement Special Agent



Our Policy on Compliance Avoidance and Software Piracy:

Over the years, we have had more than our share of customer frustration regarding the cost of:

  • Technology-based regulatory compliance costs
  • Software costs and licensing fees

At the end of the day, laws dictate and enforce the rules to satisfy data protection in certain industries, and many of these regulations bring an added layer of technology and business expenses sometimes beyond our and your control.  Also, every manufacturer has the final say to the price of their technology, regardless of opinion.  While we will empathize with you, please do not ask us to implement non-compliant solutions as well as pirated software and services.

WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU: depending on your business model and needs, we may be able to assist in finding less expensive technology alternatives, or help qualify you for lower-cost special programs or volume purchase discounts.  We can also assist with budget planning and other financial resources to give you supplemental acquisition options.


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